Let a fashion industry expert guide you

Now might be the perfect time to re-imagine your future in the world of fashion. STUDIOVEGTER brings 15 years of experience to bear to help you focus, build your confidence and to reconnect you with your full potential. Let our experience with fashion & design Recruitment, higher-education, global brands, fashion start-ups, sustainable pioneers, and luxury retailers aid you.

Dreaming of change but uncertain how to get there?

Looking to start a career in fashion, or grow your own business?

Do you want fashion companies and recruiters to notice you and need help with tailoring your CV and portfolio? 

STUDIOVEGTER offers the know-how, motivation and mindset to help you pinpoint what you want to do and how to get there.

Susanne Vegter: “Let us help you clarify your thoughts, define your ambitions, focus your actions, and translate your talent and skills into a one-of-a-kind portfolio or CV. The Support & Coaching sessions provide you the guidance and confidence you need to perform at your highest level within the world of fashion. With our extensive experience we will explore your options, define your roadblocks, and identify the tools you need to achieve your objectives."

Our sessions are available at all levels in English and Dutch, regardless of where you are at in your professional career. Meetings can be held in-person at our office or online.






During this session, we will analyse and evaluate your talent and skills, and advise you how to match your potential with a professional portfolio and CV. Tailored to your objectives and ensuring industry relevancy.


  • Pre-coaching consultation by phone to explore your needs and objectives
  • 2-hour coaching session
  • Feedback after your updated portfolio & cv

PRICE: €150,- (ex VAT/BTW)
Students/graduates € 100,- (ex VAT/BTW)

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During this session, we will focus on specific roadblocks for your next career move and reveal, clarify, and elevate your personal skills. Providing one-on-one guidance and professional advice with a strong focus on current experience, industry opportunities (of requirements) and new challenges.


  • Pre-coaching consultation by phone to explore your needs and objectives
  • 1-hour coaching session. PRICE: € 50,- (ex VAT/BTW)
  • 2-hour coaching session. PRICE: € 90,- (ex VAT/BTW)

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3. 360° SUPPORT

We also offer custom packages if you need guidance beyond the aforementioned options.

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Here’s what others said about Susanne Vegter

Eva van Beek: Womenswear Designer at Louis Vuitton:

It was a pleasure to work together with Susanne Vegter! She has guided me with lots of enthusiasm & joy. Her way of working is very efficient due to her profound experience in Fashion, plus she has many valuable contacts. I’m grateful that she helped to filter my strong points and see my potential. It’s a value to know that I can rely on Susanne for future opportunities.”

Carolien van Tilburg: SR trade officer embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan, before coordinator Atelier Néerlandais in Paris.

"I met Susanne Vegter in Paris when she was scouting for her clients in the fashion industry. She has broad experience in recruiting for a diverse group of clients, and she has an eye for design talent. She is good in coaching them to find their strengths and build a solid portfolio. She also shares her knowledge at design schools and universities, and she seems to love connecting the talent to a suitable and inspiring work place."

Roger Gerards: Managing Master Tailor Institute Amsterdam, before creative director VLISCO B.V.‚Äč

"Susanne Vegter combines her knowledge of the business and intuition in guiding and sourcing young professionals into the fashion industry. In finding good designers for the brand I worked for, Susanne not only managed to create the right match, but was also able to answer requests or wishes that weren’t asked. By that she provokes opportunities for both the company and the candidates. One plus one makes three!"